NOTICE - California State Board Examination Computerized Testing

The April 16, 2007 California State Board examination (CSB) was the last paper and pencil administered examination. Beginning in November 2007 the CSB examination will be administered via continuous computer based testing through the new test vendor, Psychological Services Inc. (PSI). Specific information regarding application procedures, deadline dates, and exam scheduling instructions is included in all mailings of examination application packages. Updated information is also available on the Veterinary Medical Board's web site at

***Please note that September 15, 2007 is the last fixed deadline for submitting applications for the 2007 CSB exams.***

Procedures for Exam Application

Effective November 1, 2007, the application process for filing for the CSB examination will change in accordance with computer based testing requirements, and applications will be accepted on a continuous basis. Applicants for the CSB examination will submit the eligibility application and the application and examination fees directly to the Veterinary Medical Board (VMB). The Board will determine eligibility within 60 days after receipt of a complete application. Once the candidate's application is approved, the VMB will electronically transmit the candidate's eligibility approval to the testing vendor. The candidate's notice of eligibility is confirmed when they receive the candidate handbook directly from the testing vendor.

Procedures for Exam Scheduling

Once a candidate is determined to be eligible, the candidate will be mailed an examination handbook from the testing vendor. The candidate must then contact the testing vendor directly to schedule a specific examination date and time. The handbooks contain specific instructions for scheduling an examination date with the testing vendor along with a list of California testing sites, including the address and directions to all available PSI site locations. Candidates have 6 months from their approval date in which to schedule their examination. The approval expiration date is printed on the back of the handbook.

Procedures for Retaking the Exam in 2008

Candidates who fail the examination are eligible to retake this examination once a new form of the exam is published, either after November 1st or after May 1st. To reapply the candidate must resubmit an application with the application fee and exam fee directly to the Veterinary Medical Board. When the criteria for re-examination have been met, a new candidate handbook and notice of eligibility is then sent to the candidate.