License Verification

You can learn whether a veterinarian is currently licensed in this state by checking the License Lookup feature below. Anyone can also call or write the Veterinary Medical Board (VMB) for current license information. Before you call, have as much information as you can about the veterinarian, including his or her full name, office address and the city or town where he or she practices. There may be several veterinarians in California with the same or very similar names, especially with common surnames.

What other information can I get about a veterinarian?

The VMB has considerable public information about each licensee, including an address, date California license was issued, or whether there are any disciplinary charges pending or any completed disciplinary actions against the licensee.

The VMB cannot disclose information about complaints against a veterinarian unless formal charges have been filed by the VMB. We cannot disclose personal information such as social security numbers, test scores, information about the veterinarian's physical or mental health, etc. Also, because we do not license veterinarians by specialty, we cannot tell you what specialty a veterinarian practices, nor can we refer you to a veterinarian.

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