About the Board

Who is the Veterinary Medical Board?

The Veterinary Medical Board (VMB) has been regulating veterinary medicine in the State of California since 1893. The VMB is a governmental agency whose mission is to protect all California consumers and animals by regulating licensees, promoting professional standards, and enforcing the California Veterinary Medicine Practice Act. The VMB fulfills its mission by developing, maintaining, and enforcing professional standards including licensing veterinarians, registered veterinary technicians (RVTs), veterinary assistant controlled substances permit holders (VACSPs) and veterinary premises.

An eight-member board serves as the decision-making body for the VMB that includes four veterinarians, one RVT and three public members. Additionally, the VMB's Multidisciplinary Advisory Committee (MDC) assists, advises, and make recommendations on various VMB laws and policies. Both the VMB and MDC meet at least four times per calendar year in meetings open to the public. VMB staff handle day-to-day functions of the VMB, that includes consumer outreach, licensing, enforcement, and veterinary premises inspections.


The licensing section of the VMB includes current licensees, applications for new licensees and the diversion program. To contact the licensing section of the VMB, please send an email to: vmb@dca.ca.gov


The enforcement section of the VMB includes monitoring and investigating complaints, processing violations of the Veterinary Practice Act and monitoring probationers. To contact the enforcement section of the VMB, please send an email to: Enforcement.VMB@dca.ca.gov