Hospital Inspection Program

Purpose of Hospital Inspection Program

The Veterinary Medical Board (herein after referred to as "the Board") is one of many regulatory agencies within the Department of Consumer Affairs. The mission of the Board is to protect all consumers and animals by regulating licensees, promoting professional standards,and enforcing the California Veterinary Medicine Practice Act.

Pursuant to Business and Professions Code Section 4809.7; and 4854, the Board is mandated to establish a regular hospital inspection program, and, to ensure that all premises where veterinary medicine is being conducted are sanitary and conform to the minimum standards of practice, which encompass sanitation, practice management, practice techniques and record keeping.

Along with knowledge of what constitutes the minimum standard of practice in California, inspectors must possess a basic knowledge of the daily routine of veterinary practice procedures. The Board utilizes licensed veterinarians and registered veterinary technicians (RVT) as inspectors to assist the Board in educating the profession as to the minimum standards of practice in California and in enforcing those requirements.

Description of Required Services – Inspectors are responsible for:

  • Inspecting veterinary premises for compliance with the related provisions of the Business and Professions Code, California Code of Regulations, and the Health and Safety Code;
  • Maintaining records of inspections;
  • Preparing written invoices for completed inspections;
  • Writing inspection reports;
  • Gathering evidence for use and assistance in hearings and prosecutions;
  • Interviewing and consulting with licensees to identify violations and ensure compliance;
  • Directing licensees to educational materials;
  • Testifying at hearings;

Inspectors may be required to testify at hearings, throughout the State of California. Inspectors will be notified in advance of the hearing for scheduling purposes and will be provided with the appropriate invoice for reimbursement.

The Board conducts an initial training session for inspectors once the interview process is complete. The training session takes place at the Veterinary Medical Board office in Sacramento. The initial training session is conducted over a 2-3 day period with a subsequent one-day training/program evaluation on an annual basis. Inspectors are reimbursed for expenses incurred for the required training session.

You may obtain a Hospital Inspector Application here.

If you have any questions about the Hospital Inspection Program please contact Patty Rodriguez at (916) 515-5228 or email Patty Rodriguez.