Examination Schedule, Fees, and Deadlines

Application information and applicable forms are available here.

Examination Title Fee Exam Date
Application Evaluation Fee $350 The application fee is required for all veterinary examination applications.
California State Board (CSB) $350 Continuous Computer Testing
(allow 60 days for application review)
Intern/Resident Temporary License Application Evaluation Fee $250 Continuous
Veterinary Law Examination (VLE) $100 Continuous
(The VLE is mailed with a complimentary version of the Veterinary Medicine Practice Act.)
Registered Veterinary Technician Application Fee $350  
Live Scan Fingerprint Form
(Live Scan sites are only in California. See Fingerprint Requirements for more information).
No fee to VMB
Pay rolling fee + $51 submission fee to Live Scan operator.
All first-time applicants applying for any of the examinations listed must fulfill the fingerprinting requirement. (Live Scan forms must be obtained from the VMB or VMB web site.)

Make checks payable to the Veterinary Medical Board (VMB). Please include all examination fees in one check.

Application Evaluation fees are non-refundable.

For more information on the examination schedule, fees, and deadlines please contact the VMB.

NAVLE or NBE/CCT Scores: Candidates who have previously passed NAVLE (or the NBE and/or CCT) should request transfer of out-of-state examination scores by Veterinary Information Verification Agency (VIVA) at least three weeks prior to the filing deadline. Transfer forms can be obtained online at www.aavsb.org/VIVA/ or by calling VIVA toll free at (877) 698-8482.

Senior Veterinary Students: Applicants from AVMA accredited schools who wish to take the NAVLE, the CSB, and the VLE prior to graduation will be required to submit a letter from the Dean of his/her school of Veterinary Medicine attesting to his/her senior status and graduation date (completion of degree must be within 8 months of examination). Upon graduation, it will be necessary to submit an official transcript or a copy of the actual diploma prior to licensure.

Graduates from non-AVMA accredited veterinary schools: Candidates must complete all the requirements of the PAVE or ECFVG prior to taking the CSB. PAVE information can be obtained online at the American Association of Veterinary State Boards (AAVSB) or by calling (877) 698-8482. ECFVG program information can be obtained online at the AVMA or by calling (800) 248-2862.

Reciprocity (1-year temporary license): Candidates applying for reciprocity must have been practicing full-time veterinary medicine for at least two out of the last three years. There are additional requirements, outlined in the Temporary License Application Instructions, that must be met to qualify for license by reciprocity. After meeting all of the requirements, the VLE is mailed to candidates. The VLE consists of 30 questions on minimum standards and record keeping which are contained in the California Veterinary Medicine Practice Act. Temporary license and supervisor forms are mailed with VLE passing results. During the one year of temporary licensure, completion of a 3-day educational curriculum on regionally specific diseases and conditions is required for the temporary licensee to qualify for his/her regular license.