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Veterinary Law Examination

Once the Board has processed your application for the Veterinary Law Examination (VLE), you should receive the following items in the mail:

  • Cover Letter (which contains your File Number)
  • California Veterinary Law Examination Information and Instructions Letter
  • Veterinary Law Examination (VLE) Booklet
  • Statement of Confidentiality
  • Answer Grid

The VLE, Statement of Confidentiality, and Answer Grid must be returned within 40 days of receipt. Failure to return a completed VLE to the Board within the prescribed time shall be deemed to have failed the examination and the applicant shall be required to re-apply and re-take the VLE. The board will notify you if you do not pass the VLE.

The VLE is an "open book" examination and consists of 32 questions on the California Veterinary Medicine Practice Act. The Board encourages you to review the Practice Act to assist in answering the VLE questions.

Temporary (one-year) Licensure applicants, will also submit the Temporary Licensee/Supervisor Agreement and Supervisor Acknowledgement forms.