Radiology Logs

A careful review of current regulations conducted by the Department of Health Services (DHS), the VMB, and the California Veterinary Medical Association (CVMA) reveals that there is no specific requirement for maintaining a separate "radiology log."

However, a complete medical record is required by the VMB and that record should contain all information currently recorded in the radiology log. It is suggested, therefore, that veterinarians should review the advantages of a separate log, before abandoning it.

The advantages of a separate log include the ability to, 1) easily find and reproduce a given setting, 2) find a specific radiograph readily and 3) document the number of radiographs taken by specific employees.

It is up to individual veterinarians to decide whether a separate log should be maintained. Keep in mind that it is only the separate log that is not required. If you decide to discontinue a separate log, all the radiology information MUST be recorded in the patient's record.

Any questions regarding this policy, please contact the Board.