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You may submit renewal applications approximately 90 days before your license/registration/permit is set to expire.

If you need technical assistance with BreEZe, please call our Consumer Information Center at (800) 952-5210 or visit our BreEZe Online Services FAQ page.

Renewal fees for Veterinarians, Registered Veterinary Technicians, Premises, University Veterinarians, Veterinary Assistant Controlled Substance Permits

License Type Renewal Fee Cures Fee Delinquent Fee License Period
(When renewing ‘Active’ additional CURES fee)
$500 $22 $50 2 years
Registered Veterinary Technician $225 N/A $50 2 years
Premises Permit $525 N/A $50 1 year
University Veterinarian $500 $22 $50 2 years
Veterinary Assistant Controlled Substance Permit $100 N/A $50 2 years